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Crush Card Virus - SJCS-EN004 - Ultra Rare - Limited Edition

Crush Card Virus - SJCS-EN004 - Ultra Rare - Limited Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. [Re: Light and Darkness Dragon] 'Light and Darkness Dragon's' third effect will activate when it is destroyed while in the hand or the Deck and sent to the Graveyard. Example: 'Light and Darkness Dragon' is destroyed by 'Crush Card Virus' while in the player's hand. [Re: Prime Material Dragon] When 'Crush Card Virus' is activated, if there is a face-up monster that would be destroyed you can chain 'Prime Material Dragon's' effect. [Re: Stardust Dragon] If 'Crush Card Virus' is activated and there is a face-up monster on the field that will be destroyed, 'Stardust Dragon's' effect can be chained.
Passcode: 57728570
Set: Shonen Jump Championship
Card Number: SJCS-EN004
Monster Type:
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attribute: Trap
Card Text: Tribute 1 DARK monster with 1000 or less ATK. Check all monsters on your opponent's side of the field, your opponent's hand, and all cards they draw (until the end of your opponent's 3rd turn after this card's activation), and destroy all monsters with 1500 or more ATK.
Card Type: Normal Trap
Name: Crush Card Virus
Edition: Limited
Pendulum Scale: