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Mew-EX - 120/124 - Full Art Ultra Rare

Mew-EX - 120/124 - Full Art Ultra Rare

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Extra Info

Set: Dragons Exalted
Card Number: 120
Rarity: Full Art Ultra Rare
Illustrator: 5ban Graphics
Retreat Cost: 1
Weakness: Px2
HP: 120
Stage: Basic
Card Type: Psychic
Name: Mew-EX
Finish: Holo
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Attack #1: P Replace

Move as many Energy attached to your Pokémon to your other Pokémon in any way you like.
Attack #2:
Attack #3:
Card Text: Ability Versatile

This Pokémon can use the attacks of any Pokémon in play (both yours and your opponent's). (You still need the necessary Energy to use each attack.)
World Championship Card: