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Messiah Dragon Of Rebirth Trial Deck

Messiah Dragon Of Rebirth Trial Deck

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Introducing a new trial deck for the clan that Kouji Ibuki uses, Link Joker!!

An all new Grade 3 “Messiah” is included as well!

Also included are the reissues of “Alter Ego Messiah” and “Destiny Dealer”!

This deck can be powered up with the cards from the same-day-release “Rondeau of Chaos and Salvation” too!

4 types of reissue cards
  • “Alter Ego Messiah”
  • “Arrester Messiah”
  • “Destiny Dealer”
  • “Beloved Child of Superstring Theory”
The Trial Deck gets a Power Up!
With a more complete deck, it’s easier to begin too!
  • “G Guardian” added! (1 type)
  • More trump cards of each grade featured!
  • An SP card randomly inserted in every display!


Product Specification

Featured Clan Link Joker
Card Types 18 types of cards
14 new cards + 4 reissue card, inclusive of 4 holo cards
  • 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 54 cards (50 card deck + 4 G unit cards)
  • 1 display contains 6 decks
  • First guide
  • Playmat
  • “Link Joker” clan card
Release Date December 1 (Friday), 2017

Extra Info

Extra info coming soon for this product.